New Alaska law works to support small business

| 9/12/2005

Gov. Frank Murkowski has signed a bill into law intended to give small businesses, including trucking operations, a louder voice in Alaska’s regulatory process.

The new law, previously HB33, requires certain state agencies to consider the potential negative impact of regulation on small businesses and to consider less burdensome alternatives.

Murkowski said the new law “is a step in the right direction to ensure the small business community in Alaska has a voice in crafting the regulations that affect their ability to make a living.

“This in turn will mean that agencies specified in the bill will have to consider the adverse impacts to small business before promulgating regulations.”

Rep. Kevin Meyer, the bill’s sponsor, said the new law would help ensure long-term stability of small business in the state.

“Small business is the dynamo that powers our economy and every dollar a small business put towards complying with cumbersome government regulations is a dollar that cannot be spent expanding the business,” Meyer, R-Anchorage, said in a written statement.

More than 25 states have adopted similar legislation.