Truckers' fuel protest continues in Canada

| 9/9/2005

As many as 1,000 truckers were still parked along the Trans Canada Highway in New Brunswick as their protest over high fuel costs entered its third day on Thursday, Sept. 8.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police told the Canadian Press they sent in extra manpower to deal with the situation, which has slowed traffic moving in an out of northern New Brunswick.

The truckers are blocking commercial traffic in the area, but allowing other traffic through. Eric Bijeau, a spokesman for the protesters, told the Canadian Press that as many as 1,000 trucks are involved in the protest, though authorities put the number closer to 500.

One truck stop operator in the area told “Land Line Now” that, as many as 400 trucks were parked at her truck stop, though she suspected many of them were not involved in the protest. She said she thought many were stopped simply because they couldn’t get past the striking truckers.

And not all truckers in the area are in favor of the protesters. Ralph Boyd of the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association told the Canadian Press that the strike is hurting business for many of his association’s members and could even hurt relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina in the United States as supplies get caught up in the blockade.

“There are materials in that lineup destined for people in great need in the southern U.S.,” he said.