Indiana governor eyes more toll roads

| 9/8/2005

Facing a $2 billion funding shortfall for highway projects, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels said more tolling may be the answer.

The governor said late last month it’s likely he will propose tolls for new highway work and modernization of the existing Indiana Toll Road.

The state’s only toll road carries Interstates 80 and 90 across northern Indiana.

Indiana Department of Transportation officials are working to re-prioritize Indiana’s 10-year road construction list, The Associated Press reported. INDOT has said previously the list would have gone $2.1 billion over budget.

Daniels says his office could get more projects on the list finished if it had more funding.

“We’re going to be proposing some changes and looking at additional funding to go much deeper into that list,” Daniels told the news agency. “Tolling may be playing an ever-larger role, and it is very likely we will propose tolls for some new projects and modernization of existing tolls in the state.”