Canadian trucker strike continues

| 9/7/2005

A trucker protest in Canada about rising fuel costs entered its second day on Wednesday, Sept. 7, according to news reports.

Canadian media reported that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were monitoring blockades that went up on Tuesday in 10 different locations along the Trans Canada Highway in New Brunswick.

The largest of the blockades involves more than 150 trucks in the Edmundston area. Authorities say the trucks are not allowing any commercial traffic to pass through the blockaded areas, though non-commercial traffic is being allowed.

The Canadian Press reported that there were 40 to 50 trucks at each of the other strike locations.

A group calling itself the Truckers and Drivers Association of North America claims to be behind the strike, but Ralph Boyd, president of the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association, told the Canadian Press that he has no knowledge of the existence of such a group.

“We attempted to do some research on who this organization was, but their flier does not have any contact names or numbers, does not have a Web site, nothing that we have been able to locate,” he said.