Colorado, Texas to install new toll roads

| 8/30/2005

Citing increasing construction costs and a lack of funds, both Colorado and Texas have announced plans for new toll roads.

In Colorado, a new toll road is planned for Colorado Highway 470 near Denver. Part of the highway, E-470, is already a toll road. A new plan would extend the toll road to C-470 between Interstate 25 and South Kipling Parkway.

Peggy Catlin, acting director of the Colorado Tolling Enterprise, told The Denver Post that tolling “is a very attractive congestion relief tool.”

The Post reported that the state chose the option of a toll road because it did not have funds available to build non-toll roads.

Critics of the toll road say that it will send too much traffic to nearby roads, which are ill equipped to handle the increase. The state says it considered widening the existing highway with a non-toll lane, but it just didn’t have the funds to do it.

Similar arguments were made in Austin, TX, where a new toll road is planned to run parallel to U.S. Highway 290.

The Texas Transportation Commission has given the project the go ahead and the state Department of Transportation said it plans to reconstruct the entire corridor, even rebuilding U.S. 290 as a non-toll road.