Missing tanker found without fuel payload in Kentucky

| 8/29/2005

A stolen tanker truck carrying 2,000 gallons of jet in Kentucky fuel has been found – minus its fuel.

The truck, which was driven through a fence and taken from the Muhlenburg County Airport Thursday night, was recovered around noon on Sunday, after two fishermen saw the truck outside Madisonville, KY, and contacted authorities, WFIE-TV reported.

Greenville Police told The Associated Press they weren’t sure if the theft was a potential terrorist threat, or if the thieves unwittingly took it expecting gasoline inside.

“The price of gas these days, who knows, someone could have mistaken it for regular gasoline,” Detective Jonathan DeArmond said. “We are going to follow all precautions to make sure all authorities locally, regionally and nationally are notified.”

According to The AP, jet fuel sells for about $3.40 per gallon, making the total value of the missing fuel approximately $6,800.