FMCSA withdraws rulemaking on vision standards

| 8/29/2005

Although the agency is withdrawing a proposed rulemaking on vision standards for commercial drivers, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration officials say they have “long-term plans to reevaluate all of its commercial driver health standards…”

In a statement published Monday, Aug. 29, in the Federal Register officials with the FMCSA announced that the agency is withdrawing its advance notice of a proposed rulemaking on the vision standards because of insufficient data.

Included in the proposed rulemaking were possible changes in standards for visual acuity, field of vision and color perception. The advance notice of the vision standard rulemaking was filed in 1992. About 100 comments were filed on the proposed rulemaking and the feds paid for a couple of studies, but FMCSA officials have concluded that the information was inconclusive.

“Although considerable resourced have been expended on assessing the vision standard in general and the FOV (field-of-vision) provision in particular, FMCSA believes there are insufficient crash data to support initiating an FOV rulemaking at this time,” the FMCSA said in the Federal Register.