Feds drop rulemaking on convex rearview mirrors for trucks

| 8/29/2005

After gathering information for more than two years, a federal agency has announced that it is terminating a rulemaking process regarding convex rearview mirrors for big trucks.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published the termination notice on the Federal Register on Monday, Aug. 29, thus leaving in place current rearview mirror requirements, which do not mandate passenger-side convex mirrors.

In its announcement, NHTSA noted that the standard currently requires vehicles of more than 10,000 pounds gvw to be equipped with mirrors of unit magnification on the passenger side. That requirement will stand.

“Based on analysis of the available data, NHTSA is terminating this rulemaking proceeding, because we have determined that convex mirrors are not an adequate substitute for mirrors of unit magnification in terms of providing safety benefits associated with allowing the driver to better judge the distance and speed of oncoming vehicles, particularly during lane change maneuvers,” states NHTSA’s notice on the Federal Register.