Hired Truck figure subpoenaed in ongoing investigation

| 8/25/2005

Prosecutors in the ongoing federal investigation of Chicago’s Hired Truck program are putting pressure on a former city worker who’s already been convicted for his involvement with the scandal-ridden program.

Investigators have subpoenaed John “Quarters” Boyle, who was sentenced to seven years in federal prison earlier this month for taking more than $214,000 in bribes from trucking companies in exchange for city work, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

According to the Sun-Times, investigators are also planning to ask U.S. District Chief Judge Charles Kocoras to grant immunity from additional prosecution to Boyle, as a way of keeping him from invoking his fifth-amendment right not to incriminate himself.

At his sentencing hearing on Aug. 12, Boyle bragged to prosecutors about his allegiance to his former bosses, and refused to give the name of anyone who ordered him to accept bribes and illegal campaign contributions.

“I told them everything they needed to know about me,” Boyle said at his hearing. “I wouldn’t talk about anyone else.”