IRS 2290s and full HVUT payments due Wednesday

| 8/25/2005

If you haven’t mailed it yet, you have less than a week to file your 2290 tax form and pay your heavy vehicle use tax. And in case you haven’t heard, the full amount of the tax is now due when you file.

The government has eliminated the quarterly payment plan for the tax, which totals $550 a year for trucks weighing 75,000 pounds or more. The 2290 form and the full amount of HVUT are due Wednesday, Aug. 31.

The full payment requirement is expected to put a lot of truck owners in a financial bind – especially with diesel costs as high as they are. But the word on the street is that IRS made the change to cut down on tax fraud.

Truck owners have to pay the tax and get a stamped copy of their Schedule 1 as proof of payment before they can get their new tags.