Revised HOS regs draw mixed reactions

| 8/24/2005

Reactions to the revised hours-of-service rules range from concern to downright disappointment.

OOIDA recognized that some of the current provisions that give truckers the flexibility to tailor their schedules to their own personal needs were left intact. However, the association is looking closely at some of the changes to the split-sleeper berth provision in the revised rules. OOIDA is concerned about the real-world impact of the modifications to the rule. The association is very seriously considering asking FMCSA to reconsider certain provisions in the revised rules.

While the American Trucking Association has also voiced some concerns with the revision, it also acknowledged positive points. The group said FMCSA’s actions confirmed research that says the current hours-of-service regs have improved safety on the nation’s highways, provided for the health of truck drivers and assured efficient transport of the nation’s goods.

On the flip-side, Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety issued a press release that said by repackaging and reissuing an unsafe rule, FMCSA has failed once again to protect the health and safety of working truck drivers and families on our roads and highways.

And, perhaps as expected, Public Citizen, one of the groups that petitioned the courts to have the current rules tossed out, isn’t happy with the revisions at all – calling them a disappointment and saying that they are virtually unchanged from the 2003 regs.

Finally, the Teamsters called the revised regs a major setback for highway safety. The group said the rules would increase the potential for deadly accidents by forcing drivers to log even more hours on the road. Teamster president Jim Hoffa went on to say the proposed rule is yet another outrageous power grab by ruthless companies.

– By Jami Jones, staff editor