Alabama gas station owner killed during fuel theft

| 8/23/2005

Experts say that skyrocketing fuel costs are partly to blame in the death of a gas station owner in Montgomery , AL , on Friday, Aug. 19.

Husain Caddi, 54, was run over by a driver who was making his getaway after stealing $52 worth of fuel. Caddi grabbed onto the vehicle – which witnesses described as a gold or tan Jeep-style SUV – and was dragged across the parking lot of the Fort Payne Texaco and out into the highway. Caddi died when he fell from the vehicle, which then ran him over before driving away.

Police are still searching for the driver of the vehicle.

The Associated Press reported, because of increasing gas and diesel prices, many industry experts are saying the number of drive-offs and violence at gas stations will increase.

Meanwhile, gas station owners are looking for ways to combat fuel theft. Many stores have shifted to a pre-pay policy, but owners say that isn’t much better because it cuts down on in-store browsing, which also costs them money.

In spite of this, the National Association of Convenience Stores said that prepaying will become a bigger trend in the near future. Several cities – including Mount Pleasant and Myrtle Beach , SC , and Twin Falls , ID – have all passed ordinances making it mandatory for all fuel retailers in those cities to require prepayment.