New California highway opens after years of debate

| 8/19/2005

A highly debated highway in Vallejo, CA, has finally been completed – nearly half a century after its conception.

A section of Highway 37, which has been built on stilts to cross above Highway 29 at the intersection of Highway 29 and a previous section of Highway 37, opened its lanes to the public for the first time Friday, Aug. 19.

The new roadway – which will eliminate three highly congested red-light intersections and a train crossing – has been in development for more than 50 years, The Associated Press reported. Earthquakes, floods, an oil embargo and a protest over an endangered mouse that lived in the area have all stalled the $124 million development at one point or another.

“I think it’s a big plus to clean up the congested problem we’ve had at 29-37 for quite a long time,” City Engineer Gary Leach told The AP.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony for the roadway will take place Sept. 2.