Big Dig fixes leaks, creates new ones

| 8/16/2005

There’s an old saying that sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. That certainly seems to be the case when it comes to repairing leaks in Boston ’s ill-fated, $14 billion Big Dig project.

The Boston Globe reported that project managers are saying that a recent attempt to patch leaks in the tunnels has created 45 new ones.

Modern Continental Corp., the company under contract to repair the leaks, pumped sealant into leaks, only to have the water from the sealed leaks back up and create new leaks nearby. The Globe reported that since May, when the company first began using this sealant technique, 45 new leaks have appeared in two sections of the tunnel under downtown Boston .

A spokesperson for the company told The Globe that having new leaks pop up is not an unexpected result of the repair technique being used, which is known as the “chase the leak” method.

In spite of this, the contractor says it still plans to meet its Sept. 22 deadline for repairing the tunnels.