Another city employee sentenced in ongoing Hired Truck investigation

| 8/15/2005

A former Chicago city employee who took $214,000 in bribes in the city’s scandal-ridden Hired Truck program has been sentenced to seven years in prison.

John “Quarters” Boyle, an engineer for the city’s Department of Transportation, pleaded guilty in April to counts of mail and tax fraud in the ongoing federal investigation. In addition to prison time, Boyle was given fines totaling $305,000 in his sentencing on Friday, Aug. 12.

Boyle is one of 23 people to plead guilty in the ongoing probe. His prison sentence is significantly longer than any of the others, most likely because he refused to cooperate with investigators, the Chicago Tribune reported.

According to the Tribune, Boyle said he would not give any information on friends or co-workers.

“He’s obviously proud that he’s not cooperating,” U.S. Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald told the Tribune. “He can be proud in prison.”

Boyle was allowed to work for the city despite a 1992 conviction for embezzling millions of dollars in change from the Illinois Tollway, which earned him his nickname “Quarters.”