Noise spurs town to order trucking company to shut down

| 8/15/2005

The Township Council of East Brunswick, NJ, has ordered Nieroda Transport to cease operations or face legal action.

According to the East Brunswick Sentinel, the order comes on the heels of numerous noise complaints from nearby residents. The residents also argued that the business was not permitted in the area under town zoning laws.

The township has sent a letter to the owners of the building that houses the trucking company, which states that the business must be closed within 10 days or legal action will be taken.

John Nieroda, owner of the business, told the Sentinel that his company is a specialized business that only uses a limited number of trucks per day. Neiroda said the trucks usually don’t idle while they are parked. However, the police did recently give the company a citation for idling violations.

Nieroda also said that the town was fully aware of what his business was when it first went into the building, and he obtained permits and a certificate of occupancy for the building from the town.