Recovered records suggest Big Dig's concrete quality falsified

| 8/12/2005

New evidence in the investigation of Boston’s ill-fated Big Dig project suggests that the largest concrete supplier to the project allegedly falsified records to hide the low quality of concrete delivered for the tunnel construction.

The Associated Press reported that Massachusetts Attorney General Tom Reilly is leading a state investigation in cooperation with the FBI and the U.S. Attorney General to prosecute the case.

Reilly told The Boston Globe that the records were recovered in a search of Aggregate’s office in June.

Aggregate’s attorneys say the company stands by the concrete it used, and that it met the specifications in the contract. Reilly told The Globe that there was no reason to fear the structural integrity of the project because the concrete in question was delivered five years ago and any problems would have surfaced by now.

However, adding another twist to the case, The Boston Herald reported in a separate story that Reilly – who is preparing a campaign to run for governor of Massachusetts – has received numerous campaign contributions from the law firm that represents Aggregate.

Reilly has received contributions from other firms involved in the Big Dig, but has returned most of that money, including a $500 contribution from Aggregate itself in December.