Study finds increase in car, small truck emissions

| 8/11/2005

Despite rising gas prices, an increase in hybrid vehicle sales and a growing concern about global warming, emissions from cars and small trucks continue to climb, according to a new report from the consumer group Environmental Defense.

According to the study, carbon dioxide emissions from cars and light trucks in the United States have risen 25 percent since 1990, the beginning date looked at in the study “Automakers’ Corporate Carbon Burdens.” The study compares federal emissions data to sales from the six biggest U.S. automakers.

“The auto industry is a massive roadblock to climate protection because of their emphasis on inefficient trucks combined with opposition to meaningful policies to cut their carbon burdens,” Kevin Mills, director of Environmental Defense’s Clean Car Campaign, said in a press release.

The biggest offenders and their percentage emissions increases from 1990 to 2003 are:

  • Nissan, 8.4 percent
  • Ford, 7.7 percent
  • DaimlerChrysler, 6.8 percent
  • GM, 6.3 percent
  • Honda, 5.7 percent
  • Toyota, 2.9 percent