Toronto college hopes to harness highway wind

| 8/9/2005

There’s a cool wind blowing in from the north, and if one Toronto college has its way, that wind will soon be used to create electricity.

Centennial College’s Scarborough Campus is studying the possibility of using the wind generated by traffic on Highway 401 in nearby Toronto to generate electricity, which will be fed back to the school.

According to CBC News, engineers from the school have raised a tower near the highway that will measure the speed of the wind generated by the traffic. If the results are good enough, the college will build a windmill sometime next summer.

One windmill would generate enough power to run the equivalent of about six households, which means it won’t provide a tremendous amount of power for the school.

However, the engineering department plans to use it to teach students about alternative energies. The college is developing a renewable energy program that will also look at producing power from solar panels and biofuels.