Maine driver charged in fatal crash found driving again

| 8/8/2005

What will it take to keep this guy off the road?

That’s the question the Maine State Police are asking themselves after Scott Hewitt, the 32-year-old truck driver charged in a fatal crash last week, was arrested again during the weekend for driving without a license.

Hewitt was already driving on a suspended license on July 29 when the truck he was driving down Interstate 95 crushed a car and killed the car’s driver, Tina Turcotte, 40, of Scarborough, ME.

Following the accident, he was jailed on two outstanding warrants for his arrest – one for falsifying his logbook and one for removing an out-of-service sticker from his truck.

According to the Bangor Daily News, Hewitt was out on $1,000 bail when Maine police busted him again on Saturday, Aug. 6, for driving without a license. This time, he is being held without bail.

Hewitt has a long history of violations. The day before the accident that killed Turcotte, he was ordered out-of-service by a state trooper because of broken taillights. Hewitt fled the inspection station.

In addition to having had his license suspended 19 times, Hewitt had a revoked truck registration. Also, several warrants had been issued for his arrest.

This was not the first fatal accident in which Hewitt was involved. The Portland Press Herald found records of a 1994 fatal accident in South Berwick, ME, as well. Hewitt has a total of 42 convictions for various offenses on his driving record as well as at least three other accidents.