Limits placed on supervision for drivers in Illinois

| 8/3/2005

Gov. Rod Blagojevich has signed a bill into law limiting Illinois’ drivers to two court supervisions for moving violations in a 12-month period.

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White requested the legislation – HB1483.

Under the new rule, any other moving violation convictions during that period would be tagged to permanent driving records. After two additional moving violations in the same period, the driver’s license would be suspended for six months.

“This law is intended to make a driver’s permanent record a more accurate reflection of driving habits,” White told The Daily Clay County Advocate-Press. “It will allow my office to suspend the driving privileges of more drivers who habitually break our traffic laws.”

The existing law allows drivers to receive an unlimited number of court supervisions. A supervision is an individual sentence for a moving violation or other violation of motor vehicle laws.

Punishments for supervisions can range from fines to going back to driving school, the State Journal-Register in Springfield reported. However, a supervision isn’t added to a violators formal driving record unless they later violate the terms of the supervision.

The new law takes effect Jan. 1, 2006.