California town proposes commercial enforcement officer

| 8/2/2005

The city of Murrieta, CA, located near Los Angeles, is considering appointing a police officer whose sole job would be to make sure commercial trucks are in compliance with safety standards and local safety ordinances.

According to the North County Times, the city’s Public Safety and Traffic Commission is studying the feasibility of hiring a commercial enforcement officer, who would specialize in enforcing truck regulations.

While the city’s police department does have an officer who has received some training on commercial vehicle enforcement, the department said it would have to spend as much as $100,000 for further training and equipment needed to weigh and inspect the trucks.

The California Highway Patrol also does some enforcement in the town also, but only once or twice a month.

While some city officials support the idea of a new specialized officer, the Times reported that they are trying to figure out where the money to pay for the position would come from.