Voters to decide fate of New Orleans vehicle tax

| 8/1/2005

Truckers and other residents in Orleans Parish could soon be spared their vehicle tax bills.

The Louisiana Legislature has approved an effort that would eliminate the New Orleans property tax on motor vehicles. It now must gain approval from voters in a November 2006 statewide election before it can become law.

The proposed constitutional amendment – HB187 – would prohibit cities and parishes in the state from levying a property tax on motor vehicles. A Senate amendment to include trailers and semi-trailers in the exemption was dropped from the final version.

Currently, local governments are allowed to adopt the tax, but only New Orleans has done so, The Times-Picayune reported.

The city levied more than $7 million in property taxes on motor vehicles last year and collected about $5.2 million, which was distributed among various local governments.