German man drives Autobahn in motorized wheelchair

| 7/28/2005

The German Autobahn is legendary for its high speeds, but an 80-year-old man and his wheelchair may have set the record for being the slowest-moving object on the roadway.

According to German newspaper Deutsche Welle, the unnamed man – a resident at a nursing home in Gorlitz, Germany – wanted to purchase something from a store up the road.

Unfortunately, he didn’t own a car. But that didn’t stop him from taking his motorized wheelchair for a little spin on the highway, at its top speed – six miles per hour.

Fortunately, no one was injured, thanks in part to a number of truckers who called police then encircled him to protect him from traffic. Police were able to catch the man after he exited the freeway, and returned him to his nursing home.

There was no word as to whether police took the man to the store so he could finish his shopping.