Neighbors complain about port traffic; fees delayed again

| 7/28/2005

It hasn’t even been in effect a full week yet, and already neighbors are starting to complain about the nighttime noise resulting from PierPass operations in California.

The program – which extended the hours of operation for the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles until 3 a.m. on weekdays and set up a fee structure for peak hours of operation – officially kicked off Saturday, July 23, though officials have delayed collecting fees until Friday, July 29 while they deal with a slew of last minute registrants.

Meanwhile, residents of North Long Beach are not happy. The Long Beach Press Telegram reported that there have already been complaints from the town, which is located along several key routes to and from the port complex including the Long Beach Freeway.

The Press Telegram reported that Roger Holman, president of the Coolidge Triangle Homeowner’s Association, sent a letter to the Long Beach Harbor Commission and the Long Beach and Los Angeles city councils claiming that the program would bring unwanted noise and pollution to his hometown.

“About a month ago, I woke up at 3 a.m. from hearing a truck go by,” Holman told the Press Telegram.

Holman also called on the ports and terminal operators to do an environmental review of the program. PierPass defended the program and said it did not need an environmental review, as the program only represents a change in operations, not an increase in capacity.

However, PierPass plans to hold several town hall meetings to discuss ways in which the program can be improved.