ICE dragnet nabs NJ trucker, company vice president

| 7/27/2005

The recent U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency crackdown on illegally documented aliens obtaining fraudulent CDLs has netted a New Jersey trucker and trucking company executive for alleged false document and related charges.

July 7, Emilio Arce, aka Mario Bernal, a former truck driver for Covitta Inc., a Lorton, VA, trucking company, was indicted by a federal grand jury for knowingly transferring a false identification document.

According to a Department of Transportation Office of Inspector General press release, an overweight vehicle citation issued to Arce by the Virginia State Police at a truck scale showed that Arce had presented a fraudulent New Jersey CDL to a police officer. The CDL allegedly had Arce’s photo with Bernal’s name.

In April 2005, two executives with the same trucking company pleaded guilty on related charges. One of those, Henry Delgadillo a former vice president of the company, was ordered confined for six months. Delgadillo was an illegal alien living in the United States, according to the DOT Office of Inspector General.

He was also identified as a participant in a scheme to obtain counterfeit New Jersey CDLs for several of the trucking company’s drivers.

Three other drivers have also been charged. One has already pleaded guilty to identification fraud in April.