North Carolina cracks down on speeding cars, trucks

| 7/26/2005

Super speeders in North Carolina should be on the lookout – the Highway Patrol is watching for them.

As part of Operation Slow Down 2005, the first statewide campaign to focus solely on speeding, the patrol will use additional enforcement to crack down on speeders driving 100 mph or faster.

“The Highway Patrol is determined to reduce fatal collisions in North Carolina, and going after speeders who recklessly endanger the public will help us do that,” Bryan Beatty, secretary of the Department of Crime Control and Public Safety, said in a press release.

“Excessive speeding is one of the complaints we receive most from drivers. Operation Slow Down 2005 is an effort to reverse the trend of increasing speeds by irresponsible drivers.”

The added enforcement will use helicopters, motorcycles and unmarked patrol cars, and will also focus on commercial vehicles that are speeding.

According to data from the state patrol, speeding citations over 100 mph have increased 175 percent and overall speeding citations have risen 147 percent since 1999.

The crackdown began on Monday, July 25, and will continue through Oct. 9.