Another California town targets big rig parking

| 7/25/2005

If the City Council of Loma Linda, CA, adopts a proposed law, truckers who live or work in the area may have to find another place to park their rigs.

The ordinance, which is scheduled to be introduced at a City Council meeting on July 26, would ban vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds – as well as any vehicles with a commercial trailer attached – from parking in the city’s residential areas.

In addition, the vehicles would only be allowed to sit for four hours in commercial areas, and would not be allowed to park at all between 2 and 6 a.m. And no rigs would be allowed to stay in any part of the city for longer than 3 days.

The San Bernardino County Sun reported that, while the ordinance has the support of some people, truck drivers are especially upset by it, claiming they have a right to park on private property.

But City Attorney Richard Holdaway told the Sun that residents should not have to put up with the noise generated by trucks when they start, as well as the noise involved in working on and maintaining trucks.

“You wouldn’t want a machine shop operating in your neighbor’s garage at all hours of the night,” he said.

Drivers in the city also maintain that they have no control over wait times and can be held up waiting to load or unload cargo often for longer than four hours.