Illinois ban propels sales of photo-blocking paint

| 7/25/2005

If there really is no such thing as bad publicity, the manufacturers of a speeding ticket prevention system are reaping the benefits of a new law in Illinois.

On July 21, Illinois Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich signed SB1119 into law. It prohibits all forms of license plate covers – including spray-on versions – that prevent speed and red-light cameras from photographing a license plate number.

While this might seem like bad news to the manufacturers of such products, one company – PhantomPlate Inc., which manufacturers the spray-on defense known as PhotoBlocker – is calling the ban a success, and further proof that their product does exactly what it says it does.

“Being banned by a state is the greatest proof that we have that PhotoBlocker really works the way we claim,” said Joe Scott of PhantomPlate Inc. in a press release issued after the governor signed the bill. “The ban is the best thing that has happened for our sales.”

Since the ban went into effect, Scott said sales have increased, with more than 300,000 cans of the $29.99 goop sold every month.

Scott said his product is a form of self-defense against faulty traffic cameras. The product’s Web site also includes warnings against using the product to evade law enforcement.

“Drivers are tired of getting tickets they do not deserve,” Scott said. “The cost in time and money to defend themselves is excessive, so they would rather use our spray to save money by preventing the unjust tickets.”