Owner-operator stalls parking ban in Missouri town

| 7/22/2005

A proposed city ordinance in Moberly, MO, that could have had truckers playing hide-and-go-seek with their trucks has been tabled, thanks to opposition from an owner-operator.

Earlier this month, the Moberly City Council discussed an ordinance that would prohibit commercial vehicles from being parked or stored in residential areas.

Tom Sanders, director of the Office of Community Development for the city, told the Moberly Monitor that the move was designed to keep big trucks from parking in driveways and in front of homes.

“They don’t fit and they’re just not designed for it,” he told the Monitor.

However, on July 18, the council voted to table the ban until it could be further discussed, after resident and owner-operator Randy Cook spoke at the meeting about how difficult the ordinance would make his day-to-day operations.

“I can’t afford to park (my truck) somewhere else and have it be vandalized,” Cook said. “The police can’t be everywhere ... and it’s not fair to the owner-operators. Where do you propose I park my truck coming home at midnight?”

Councilman Dick Boots moved to table the ordinance, and asked Cook to develop a list of other owner-operators who would be affected by the parking ban. No date has been set for another vote.