New England, Canada see diesel top $3 per gallon

| 7/22/2005

Diesel prices topped $3 per gallon at nearly a dozen truck stops in the New England area earlier this week, according to ProMiles.

ProMiles spokesman Chris Lee said those prices have now dipped back down below $3. He said fears of hurricane Emily disrupting fuel deliveries may have caused the spike.

The Energy Information Administration reports that the current national average price for diesel is $2.39. But Lee said prices are all over the map.

He said after this past weekend he saw spikes in Canada and New England where there were a total of 35 locations with prices above $3 a gallon. In the states, most of those returned to previous levels by Thursday with prices in the $2.80 to $2.90 range.

“There is still quite a bit of volatility,” Lee told Land Line, Thursday,July 21. “I’m seeing price ranges today in the United States anywhere from $2.11 a gallon to $2.94 out in California, which seems to be the highest one today.”

Lee said seeing diesel prices push over the $3 mark – even briefly – is “shocking” and “something the industry never really considered.”

– By Reed Black, staff writer