Limbo lower now

| 7/15/2005

Police say they’ve done all they can do – it’s up to the truckers now.

A problematic, 1930s-era bridge in Charlotte, NC, has been trapping trucks at the rate of four to six per month. The bridge is old and it’s short, but how short?

According to, the Charlotte street maintenance department recently completed a repaving project under the bridge. Workers milled down the old surface of the road before it was paved – but were only able to return it to within 1 inch of the original elevation.

So how tall is it?

It’s supposed to be around 13 feet, 5 inches. But just to be safe, the warning signs alert truckers to a 13-foot-tall clearance.

The television station reported that police said they’ve done all they can do by posting the bridge and adding yellow flashing lights. Any trucks that get stuck now, police told the station, are because of driver inattention.