Mainstream media misses the mark

| 7/15/2005

Despite the fact that they were the good guys, truckers are getting a black eye in the mainstream media.

While, a group of truckers are ultimately credited in The Associated Press report with tipping police off to a man who was on the CB saying he was headed to Washington, DC, with a van full of explosives, you’d never know it by the headlines.

Here’s a sampling of the bad press:

  • Police: Trucker Threatened To Take Bomb To D.C., in Chicago reported
  • Trucker arrested for bomb threats on D.C., Bush – the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported.

However, the stories go on to report Terry Daniel, 44, of Cedar Rapids, IA, used the words "bomb," "explosive," "Washington, DC," and "president," over a CB radio around 3 a.m. Wednesday, July 13, while driving eastbound on Interstate 80. After hearing his comments, truck drivers alerted the authorities.

Even though these media outlets do it right in the story, here’s a Technicolor razzberry to some obtuse headline writers who are perpetrating the bad image of truckers.