Former Hired Truck company still getting city work

| 7/14/2005

A trucking company that has been accused of paying bribes in Chicago’s corrupt Hired Truck Program is still getting city work, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

According to the paper, Fresno Transport – which allegedly paid $1,800 in bribes every two weeks to be a part of the program – is helping to build a $67 million parking garage at Midway Airport.

Fresno has not been charged with any crimes and is cooperating with federal investigators in the ongoing investigation of the scandalous program, which involved bribe money from trucking companies in exchange for guaranteed city work.

The Sun-Times reported that Mike Tadin, a former higher-up with Hired Truck before it became the target of investigation, brought Fresno into the project. Tadin has not been implicated in the scandal, but told the paper he resents questioning of which companies he hires as subcontractors.

“Who we use on the job, as long as they’re reputable and trustworthy and have good equipment, I don’t see what the issue is,” Tadin told the Sun-Times. “You don’t dictate to me who I can use in my business. I know better than you about trucks.”

The dollar amount Fresno is making on the project is unknown, the Sun-Times said.