Delaware launches aggressive driver crackdown

| 7/14/2005

Police in Delaware are launching a six-month campaign aimed at cracking down on aggressive drivers.

The campaign, “Stop Aggressive Driving,” will put teams of officers on the road – one normal, one unmarked – working together to observe aggressive behavior, relay the information to the second vehicle to stop the driver.

“When a speeding driver sees a marked patrol car, he slows down only until the car has left his sight and resumes speeding,” state police Lt. Col. Mark Seifert told the Delaware News Journal.

The state DOT, AAA Mid-Atlantic and State Farm Insurance are all sponsors of the six-month operation, which is expected to cost approximately $280,000, the News Journal reported.

The Dot’s Web site says aggressive driving can include speeding 15 miles or more over the speed limit, tailgating, retaliation for traffic errors of other drivers and visual and verbal assaults. The site also differentiates “road rage” as something that involves physical violence toward another person or property.

According to a study by the Delaware DOT, 61 percent of the state’s fatal crashes were linked to aggressive driving.