California considers on-board emissions monitoring

| 7/14/2005

You’ve already got gauges for oil pressure, temperature and fuel levels on your dashboard, but what if your truck could let you know when you aren’t meeting emissions standards?

On Thursday, July 21, the California Air Resources Board is expected to vote on a proposed regulation that would require all trucks in the state weighing more than 14,000 pounds to have computer systems that can pinpoint on-the-road emissions problems, the San Diego Union Tribune reported.

The system would monitor and alert the driver to problems with fuel, catalysts, exhaust-gas recirculation, soot filters and cooling, according to the CARB Web site.

The equipment should cost approximately $130 per truck to equip. If passed, the add-ons would be phased in beginning in 2010, and would be fully implemented in 2013 model-year trucks.

Passenger vehicles, light- and medium-duty trucks in the state are already required to have on-board monitoring, the Union Tribune reported.