New Hampshire advances ban on 'straight pipes' for motorcycles

| 7/13/2005

Truckers are used to being under the gun from communities for the amount of noise their semis can make.

In New Hampshire, motorcyclists who rig their rides with “straight pipes” are finding out they are not immune to similar venom.

Lawmakers in the state’s House and Senate reached agreement late last month on a measure that would increase penalties for motorcycle riders whose bikes are too loud, Foster’s Daily Democrat reported.

The bill – HB326 – calls for banning so-called “straight pipes” on exhaust systems that police chiefs in the state say lead to excessive noise and a lot of complaints from residents in the summer. Those caught with straight pipes or louder than the legal limit would be fined at least $100 for a first offense, $250 for a second offense and a minimum of $500 for each additional violation within the calendar year.

The bill now awaits the signature of Gov. John Lynch.