Colorado voters to decide on bonds for roads and bridges

| 7/13/2005

Gov. Bill Owens recently signed a $1.2 billion bond package to improve Colorado’s aging roads and bridges. Voters must approve the loan this fall as Referendum D.

“These old bridges remind us of how much work still has to be done on roads all over Colorado. With voter approval in November, Referendum D will allow us to take another significant step forward to create the transportation system that Coloradoans need and deserve,” Owens said at the bill signing.

The referendum is one of two Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights reform measures approved by lawmakers this year that allow the state to keep money for critical needs.

Referendum C would allow the state to keep and spend an extra $3.1 billion during the next five years.

If voters approve both measures, the bill – HB1333 – authorizes the state to borrow funds for about 50 transportation projects statewide.

The bonding also includes money for education and for police and fire pensions.