National average diesel price reaches new high

| 7/12/2005

The national average price of on-highway diesel hit a record high for the third week in a row with the week ending July 11. The national average rose another 6.6 cents to $2.408 per gallon, according to the Energy Information Administration.

The new sky-high record is a towering 66 cents higher than prices from the same week in 2004.

The Rocky Mountain region, which saw the largest spike, had an increase that was larger than the national average increase, with prices rising 8 cents. The Gulf Coast region came in second with an increase of 6.5 cents. However, the regions tied for the lowest regional prices at $2.28.

California posted the highest prices, with an average of $2.522 a gallon. The rest of the West Coast averaged $2.433 for the week.

The East Coast region posted two of the three of the highest regional prices in the nation, with New England averaging the highest at $2.476 a gallon, and the Central Atlantic region coming in second at $2.461. The East Coast had an overall average of $2.36 a gallon.

Prices in the Lower Atlantic rose to $2.318, while the Midwest region average rose to $2.314.