Canadian group proposes mandatory truck speed limiters

| 7/8/2005

A Canadian trucking group is pushing to make Ontario the first jurisdiction in North America to make speed limiters on trucks mandatory.

“Compared to car drivers, truck drivers are less likely to be speeding,” said Rebecka Torn, manager of communications for the Ontario Trucking Association, in a press release. “Nevertheless, OTA wants to eliminate any speeding by trucks.”

The announcement comes after members of the association traveled to Europe, where they said speeding is not a problem. No specifics for the plan or the technology behind it have been laid out, but the group plans to look at various options and present a final plan sometime in the fall.

“The use of mandatory speed limiters works,” said Mark Seymour, CEO of Kriska Transportation in Prescott, Ontario, and a member of OTA. “A speeding truck would stick out like a sore thumb in Europe. In the several hundred kilometers we drove over there, I never once saw a speeding truck.”

David Bradley, president of OTA, said the move would help to create a level playing field for all companies and drivers.

“All players in the industry should be competing,” he said, “pricing their service, establishing delivery schedules and meeting customer demands on a level playing field where everyone is playing by the rules and without pressure to operate beyond the rules.”