New computer program provides traffic forecast

| 7/5/2005

These days, seven-day weather forecasts are as common as rain in Seattle. With a new computerized tool, seven-day traffic forecasts could soon become just as common.

The system, called Beat-the-Traffic, went live on KXTV-Channel 10 in Sacramento on June 29.

According to, the system combines real-time traffic density and speed with historical trends on major routes. The information is gathered by live sensors and can be turned into a 3-D map that shows traffic patterns in a given area.

The system also takes into account traffic-related weather conditions, road incident alerts, ongoing construction and even some high-traffic events such as sporting events.

Triangle Software of Campbell, CA, the manufacturer of the system, plans to roll out the system in 19 major cities over the next few months. Planned cities include San Francisco, Los Angeles and Atlanta.