German satellite tolling system targets trucks

| 7/5/2005

A German satellite tolling system aimed at trucks has taken in $1.7 billion in its first six months of operation, according to The Associated Press.

The system, which uses a GPS tracking system to monitor trucks as they move along toll roads, charges drivers an average of 26-cents per mile. The billing information is transmitted automatically via mobile phone equipment.

The trucks are tracked via on-board computers installed in their cabs.

The system is currently in use on the autobahn, but the government plans to expand it to several parallel arteries to prevent truckers from using those roads to avoid tolls.

A similar system was unveiled in Great Britain earlier this year that could track all of the nation’s 24 million vehicles. That project is undergoing a pilot program and a nationwide system is expected within a couple of years.

The developers of the German system say it could be used in Great Britain. The Czech Republic is setting up a similar system and other countries, including the United States, have expressed an interest.