Study lists 25 most congested tourist destinations in America

| 7/1/2005

While families are busy planning their Fourth of July trips, truckers are more concerned with how to avoid the increased traffic over the holiday weekend.

But a new study cosponsored by the American Highway Users Alliance, AAA and The Road Information Program (TRIP) might help truckers lessen their delays. It includes a list of the 25 most traffic-delayed summer tourist destinations in the country.

According to the study, this summer is expected to be the busiest summer travel vacation period in history, with 328 million leisure trips – trips for recreation of at least 50 miles – an increase of 2.3 over last year. The upcoming Fourth of July weekend alone will account for 33.9 million drivers on the road, the report said.

“Vacation congestion cuts into our leisure time, endangers our families’ safety while in the car and could ultimately convince some Americans to avoid traveling,” said Susan Pikrallidas, vice president of public affairs for AAA, in a press release.

The study did not incorporate roads leading to large urban tourist attractions – such as theme parks near Orlando – because it was not possible to separately analyze tourism and commuter traffic.

The top 10 destinations with the worst traffic conditions, in order, are:

  • The Oregon coast;
  • Tidewater region of Virginia;
  • Maryland/Delaware shore;
  • Branson, MO;
  • Outer banks of North Carolina;
  • Cape Cod, MA;
  • New Jersey shore;
  • Napa Valley, CA;
  • Pennsylvania Dutch and Amish country; and
  • Catskill Mountains region in New York.