Immigrant found guilty of bank fraud in CDL scam

| 6/30/2005

The head of a Chicago firm has been found guilty in a U.S. District Court of defrauding a Wisconsin bank as part of a scheme to help illegal immigrants obtain commercial drivers licenses.

According to The Associated Press, Adam Babul, owner of Bamba Inc., claimed his company would help individuals looking for legal status in the United States. However, prosecutors charged that Babul himself is in the country illegally and that he used illegal methods to obtain commercial driver’s licenses.

Babul had employees of his company take immigrants seeking CDLs to Wisconsin, where the employees would act as interpreters for written exams while at the same time feeding answers to applicants.

The applicants were taken to Wisconsin because Illinois has banned interpreters from helping with written tests.

The company also helped applicants set up bank accounts in Wisconsin using phony information.

Earlier this month, three employees of the company pleaded guilty to taking part in the scheme. Two of the employees testified at Babul’s trial.