Illegal aliens with hazmat license put on ICE

| 6/27/2005

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has arrested 27 illegal aliens in Maryland, Illinois and Missouri who had valid licenses to transport hazardous materials, state commercial driver’s licenses or state driver’s licenses.

Of the 27, six of them were illegal aliens in Illinois who had valid state CDLs with hazmat endorsements, according to an ICE news release. A seventh was arrested and charged with falsely applying for a regular driver’s license.

The aliens came from Belize, Jordan, Mexico, Mongolia and the Philippines. They are currently in removal proceedings to be sent back to their respective countries.

One of the busts involved an illegal alien in Maryland who not only had a valid CDL, but also was using it to drive gasoline tanker trucks for Exxon. The man, Mansoor Hassan, from Pakistan and has been charged with six counts of falsifying his citizenship in order to get jobs with several different gas companies.

As if that weren’t enough, Hassan had been ordered to leave the United States in 1996, but was allowed to do so on his own. Not only did he never leave, but Hassan was able to get a valid CDL from the state of Maryland.

Hassan is scheduled to appear in court on July 1.

The remainder of the busts were in Missouri, where 19 illegal aliens were picked up for allegedly fraudulently applying for Missouri driver’s licenses by using legitimate birth certificates of U.S. citizens.

The arrests are part of an ongoing investigation by ICE that has so far produced more than 100 arrests in Florida, Michigan and Maryland.

Making perhaps the understatement of the year, Elissa Brown, special agent in charge of the ICE Chicago Office of Investigations, said in a news release that the arrests have helped close a security vulnerability that could have led to dire consequences.

“This is a national security issue,” she said. “Illegal aliens should not have the freedom to transport hazardous materials throughout the United States.”