Texas governor signs tougher tarp law

| 6/24/2005

Gov. Rick Perry signed a bill June 18 closing the loophole in Texas state law that prevents police from cracking down on tarping laws. The new rule takes effect Sept. 1.

The new law, previously HB754, allows police to ticket anyone not covering their load with a tarp, whether it’s in the process of spilling something or not.

It also allows judges to increase fines for violations.

Existing Texas rules require truck drivers to cover loose loads with a tarp. However, for any trucker to be found in violation, an officer is required to actually see something, such as sand, gravel or dirt, fall out of a truck.

A truck driver can haul a load legally without being tarped or covered, as long as it’s not blowing or spilling. Once a truck’s load starts falling out, that is a violation.