North Carolina cracks down on overweight trucks

| 6/21/2005

In North Carolina, Highway Patrol officers have a unique definition of the term “educate” – they’re giving tickets in the hundreds of dollars to truckers running loads that are oversize and overweight.

The program, titled “Operation Size and Weight,” was designed to keep size and weight violators off the road by having officers keep an eye out for problem trucks, WCNC-TV reported.

“Motor carrier enforcement officers will patrol on roadways where known weight and/or over-dimensional violations frequently occur,” Lt. Everett Clendenin, spokesperson for the North Carolina Highway Patrol, said in a press release. “Commercial motor vehicles in violation of North Carolina’s size and weight laws may be fined and their vehicles removed from service.”

Officer Tim Valentine of the patrol told WCNC-TV that not all truckers realize their loads are too heavy, but that the state patrol’s job is to stop them and enforce the law anyway.

“If we can educate them to learn how to load their load properly, then it should cut down on the road damage,” Valentine said.