Old brewery will house first biodiesel plant in New York

| 6/20/2005

Plans are already brewing for the construction of New York’s first biodiesel plant.

NextGen Fuel Inc. announced Wednesday, June 15, that it will use a former Miller Brewing Co. brewery to house the new factory. According to Newsday, the company will adapt the huge vats and other brewing equipment already in the facility to make the fuel, which will be derived from soybean oil and used French fry grease.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Program awarded the company a grant of $99,500 for the project. According to a press release, the factory is expected to open in August and will produce five million gallons of biodiesel fuel a year.

The brewery, which closed in 1994, will also house an ethanol-producing refinery owned by Northeast Biofuels, Newsday reported.