Montana log truck strike comes to an end

| 6/17/2005

After more than a week, a group of log truckers has given up its protest against Plum Creek Timber Co. and gone back to work.

The Missoulian in Montana reported that the truckers gave up after nearly two weeks and did not get the rate increase they were demanding. In spite of this, at least one trucker said the shutdown was not a defeat.

“We didn’t lose this battle by any means,” said trucker Kevin Jump. “All Plum Creek did was make the trucker shortage worse by forcing a bunch of guys out of the business.”

Jump used to own 15 logging trucks, but lost five drivers to higher wages in the construction industry. He sold one of his rigs and is converting several others to operate in the construction business.

Plum Creek officials said the firm was not responsible for the low rates, as general logging contractors negotiated them. The drivers, however, maintain that the contractors tried to get higher rates from Plum Creek, but the logging company refused to budge.