Oakland port truckers find temporary parking solution

| 6/17/2005

Truck drivers at the Port of Oakland are in the army now. Well, the army base anyway.

As a temporary solution to parking problems at the port, the city and the port agreed to lease space to the truckers on a portion of the former Oakland Army Base.

While the lease is only good for five months, the Oakland Tribune reported that truckers were relieved that their voices were being heard.

In May, following a notice that they had to vacate a 15-acre piece of land near the port that had been used for parking, the truckers formed a convoy and staged a protest in downtown Oakland. About 50 trucks shut down the downtown area for two hours.

The port said at that time that it planned to build a 75-acre parking facility on the army base, but the city is also in negotiations with Costco, which plans to build a store at the location. The truckers were angry because the port failed to address their immediate concerns.

The port and the city have pledged to eventually set aside 30 acres of the army base for truck parking and another 70 acres for truck services.